Prospectivity Report Block DI16 Croatia
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Package : Prospectivity Report Block DI16 Croatia
Basin(s): Various
Type of package: Exploration
Location (On/Offshore): Onshore
Area: Central and Eastern Europe
Description: The resource potential of the External Dinarides has been a matter of speculation for several decades. With the coastline dominated exclusively by protected sites; extensive exploration activities in the southeast Dinarides has not been possible till now. The result of this restriction has been the gaping lack of any meaningful geophysical data that can be used for frontier exploration within this region.

The purpose of this report is to give the user an exclusive insight into the oil and gas potential of Block DI16 despite the obvious lack of preliminary data in the region. Non-traditional data and workflows based upon seismology and similarity functions were combined with the limited accessible data for the region, to identify potential basin/s within block DI16. The method used in this report depends strongly on analogue functions and modelling methods which draw their strengths from prototypes in the neighbouring sites. The end product of the report is the inferred location of any potential basin/s within the block and an evaluation of the petroleum potential of the block.
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